Sunday, November 16, 2008

saucy italian "sausage" and noodles thing

Continuing on the theme of my last post, this is yet another "lazy dinner." I had just so happened to randomly purchase Tofurkey Italian sausage during my most recent trip to the health food store, and remembered this recipe from Adventures in Vegetarianism sounding really easy. So, voila, dinner in about 20 minutes! It was very tasty, and very, very filling.

As you can see, this picture and the last both have garlic bread. I'm still perfecting my garlic bread recipe. I'd like to try the one from ED&BV, but I never have whole garlic cloves on hand. So what I do is take frozen Texas toast, spread on a liberal layer of Earth Balance vegan margarine, then spread on a light layer of crushed garlic, and top it with a little nutritional yeast. I always end up thinking it's a bit too dry, but I'm scared to put on more margarine. I mean, I know garlic bread isn't a health food, but I'm trying to find a happy medium.

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Luna said...

That looks really yummy! and I LOVE garlic bread. You really seem to have a passion for cooking... a good ol' kitchen witch eh? ha! I love to cook too. Maybe I will have to share a few more recipes on my blog as well. I don't have the awesome photos to go along with them though! I'm going to try this recipe.